Therapist Testimonials

We're honored to work with incredible therapists. Thank you for your kind words!

Dr. Stephanie Hartselle

Stephanie Hartselle, MD

Zencare enables me to work with inspiring, young people who make permanent change in their lives. On other therapist websites, clients have no confidence when searching that you might be a better choice over another profile. Because Zencare's website is beautiful and highlights only select, talented therapists and MDs, it increases my value in the community and shapes my practice into a fulfilling, successful office.

Kristen Acciari LICSW Warwick Therapist

Kristen Acciari, LICSW

The service that Zencare provides to my practice is invaluable. The presentation of provider profiles are so well done and consistent with the professional image that my team prides itself on. The clear and thorough provider descriptions ensure that we're getting clients who are interested specifically in the way we work. Zencare has helped us greatly expand our ideal client base. It couldn't be a better fit!

Todd J. Schmenk, LMHC Providence Therapist

Todd J. Schmenk, LMHC

Working with the team at Zencare has been one of the best decisions I made as an independent therapist. Just the pictures and videos alone was worth the investment and the team is very good in responding quickly to any inquiries or changes to my profile that I might need. I also find the website to be a tremendous resource in referring those outside my scope to other therapists, knowing that the screening process used by Zencare means that I am referring to someone I can trust.

Leigh Riazi Providence Social Worker Therapist

Leigh Riazi, LICSW

Zencare is phenomenal. The clients you refer are looking to improve themselves and their lives in meaningful ways. Without Zencare, I wouldn’t have been as confident leaving my hospital job. I’m so grateful to be part of this community.

Ivy Marwil

Ivy Marwil, LICSW

Zencare has been a wonderful source of referrals. Every client I have received has been motivated and interesting. They are more invested in who they are seeing because they have the ability to navigate the system; they have a choice with Zencare.

Meg Robinson

Meg Robinson, LICSW

I've absolutely recommended Zencare to all my colleagues because it feeds a good, solid base of clients who are engaged, want to get better, and really see the value in therapy.

Diane Petrella, LICSW

Diane Petrella, LICSW

Zencare is a top-notch therapist directory and network! Using professional video and photos makes a huge difference in getting your message across to prospective clients. I receive a steady flow of referrals and their online scheduling for initial consultations makes it super easy to have that first contact with clients. Zencare's personal attention and ongoing professional support helps you feel they truly partner with you to support your practice. Their professional forum is also a great way to network with other therapists. Zencare is fantastic. I love it!

Brooke Huminski, LICSW

Brooke Huminski, LICSW

I truly value how Zencare empowers clients with the opportunity for educated choice. Through the video and phone consult, individuals can review my professional background and get a sense of what I may be like in the room. As a provider, I appreciate the focus on the rightness of fit which leads to better therapeutic work. I also value the organizational benefits of Zencare such as the phone consult booking tool and responsiveness of the team. Lastly, the Zencare provider community has helped me make invaluable professional connections across specialities and disciplines. It is with gratitude that I highly recommend this service!

Dr. Deborah Sepinwall

Deborah Sepinwall, PhD

With Zencare, I've seen my practice flourish – both by enriching my caseload with psychologically-minded and motivated university students and by significantly growing my business.

Dr. Marnee Colburn

Marnee Colburn, PhD

Zencare is a boon to any therapist lucky enough to be invited. Because it is so incredibly user-friendly, Zencare is a huge asset to any clinical practice; referrals are easily increased.

Suzana Gertudes

Suzana Gertrudes, LICSW

I've been very busy since joining Zencare, which is great! Zencare clients have followed through on their first intake appointment and continued with therapy. Clients say it’s great to see what the therapist is like and that the site is easy to navigate.