The top things clients look for in a therapist – and how to craft your profile accordingly 

Which clients do you most love working with? What would you want to say to them? Your profile is a chance to communicate your practice intentions to your favorite prospective clients.

At Zencare, we’ll work with you to clearly, efficiently communicate your top specialties and treatment style. We’ll craft your professional statement for you, ensuring the right clients are able to find you. Read below for what clients look for in the therapist search.


Clients look for therapists who are:


  • Speak to your clients, not to other clinicians –avoid jargon, and write in clear, easy-to-understand language

  • Show your warmth and compassion by clearly communicating the challenges clients may be facing and how you will help them overcome them. Try using positive language, and end on a note of hope!

  • Include a nice, current photo that is representative of how you and your office really look on a daily basis. Be sure to smile!


  • Keep your practice information up-to-date and accurate so that clients know what to expect when they reach out

  • Explain what your experience and training means for them, and how it informs what you'll bring to each session

  • Show your professionalism by returning all inquiries promptly. If you're emailing, make sure your messages are clear, free of typos, and express your excitement to hear from them!


  • Highlight what differentiates your practice from any other. You don't need to be a specialist to have specialties!

  • Not sure which areas to focus on? Think about what the clients you most enjoy working with have in common, and start there

  • Avoid cliches, vague hypotheticals, and overdone introductions. The goal is not to communicate the value of therapy – it's all about the value of therapy with you!

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