Referrals, sublets, events – oh my! The benefits of Zencare listservs

Every Zencare therapist can opt into our mailing list to receive and send updates from other clinicians in their local area.


What is the Zencare listserv?

When you send an email to the listserv, every member of the list will receive the email from your email address. Our team moderates the listservs, so you will receive a confirmation upon your message being sent out.

You can toggle your settings to receive emails immediately, or as one daily digest.

What can I use the Zencare listserv for?

Many Zencare clinicians look to their peers for:

  • Referrals and local service recommendations

  • Supervisors, supervisees, and peer groups

  • Office sublets, hiring for a group practice

  • Conference announcements and requests for speakers

  • New practice announcements

Can I use the ZC listserv to find clinicians for client referrals?  

Yes, but please be mindful of client privacy! Share as little information as possible to make a good match, and don’t include any identifiers. 

Can I promote my therapy groups and practice?

Absolutely! If you’ve opened a new practice or are looking for more clients to join a therapy group, you’re welcome to share that with the rest of the Zencare network.

Do I have to pay extra for the listserv?

Nope – the listserv is included with your Zencare membership. Happy e-connecting!