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If you would like an interview feature on the Zencare blog, please let us know by clicking here. We are excited to share your practice and expertise with our readership and beyond!

How it works

  1. Initial contact: Interested in highlighting your expertise on the Zencare blog? Let us know by filling out this form! The Zencare content team may also reach out to you directly regarding submissions and collaborations, too.

  2. Publication and promotion: We will let you know when your content is published! Unless you explicitly request otherwise, your article may be promoted via our newsletter and/or social media in the months following publication, and your quotes may be included in other articles on our blog or partner publications we write for.


  • Avoid jargon. Most readers will not have significant knowledge of therapy modalities (e.g. psychodynamic, humanistic, narrative therapy) or mental health conditions. Try to avoid terms that your non-therapist friends would not know, or if you do mention them, explain what they mean (e.g. “anorexia, an eating disorder that involves restriction of food intake”).

  • Write like you are speaking to a client or friend. Avoid academic sounding writing. (e.g. instead of “depressive episodes,” use “feeling depressed”). Content should be conversational, rather than professorial.

Therapist feature examples

  • You can read through other Zencare therapist interviews here for reference (and inspiration!).


  • Zencare blog features are an exclusive benefit for Zencare therapist members.

  • Content may be published and/or cross-promoted on other partner publications.

  • Content is owned by Zencare.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who owns this content?
    Content is owned by Zencare Group Inc. (“Zencare”). Quotes and/or sections from the article may be pulled to be used on other related articles by Zencare, published on the Zencare blog and/or on partner publications.

  • Can I publish my submitted content on other publications?
    No, upon submitting your content, you indicate that you understand Zencare claims full ownership, and that you are not permitted to submit the content to other publications.  

  • Can I publish my submitted content on my own website?
    Yes, you are welcome to share this content on your own website (personal or group practice), or blog. However, please indicate: “This article was originally published on” and include the link to the original article.

  • Will my article be featured in the Zencare newsletter?
    Depending on the topic and our editorial calendar, we may include the article in our user newsletter. We will let you know if we are planning to promote it in our newsletter.

  • Will you tag me on social media?
    Yes, if you have a public account and would like to be tagged. We promote content on social media, so if you’d like to be tagged, please let us know the appropriate handle(s) for each platform (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)!

  • Can I share on social media?

  • Yes. You are also welcome to tag Zencare on social media as well. Our handles are: zencareco (Twitter), (Facebook), (Instagram).

  • What happens to my content if I choose to cancel my Zencare membership?
    Content published on the Zencare blog will stay on the website even if you cancel your membership.

  • Will my content ever be taken down?
    Zencare content typically stays on the blog for years; however, we reserve the right to remove content as needed.

  • Can I add my post to my profile?
    Yes, this feature is coming soon!!

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