How to Get the Most Out of Your Zencare Membership

General benefits

  • Join us at our events to build your referral network. Bring business cards!

  • Embed your video on your personal website using the embed URL on YouTube.

  • Share your profile link on your business card, website, and email signature.

  • Send your profile to colleagues and referral agents to improve your SEO!

  • Use your photos on your personal website and promotional materials.

  • Follow us on Instagram for inspiration and Facebook for mental health articles!

Group therapy sessions

  1. Advertise your groups by filling out this form!

  2. Join our events, share flyers, and tell Zencare therapists about your groups.

  3. Share the group post on your Facebook page, email signature, etc.

Utilize your support team

  • Keep us up to date! If your availability changes, you’re accepting a new insurance, or get trained in a new niche topic, update it here anytime.

  • If you’re full practice, we're happy to help refer clients out. If a client needs a different therapist or they are moving to a different part of the state, we can help find a provider who fits their needs. Email us at

  • If you need a recommendation for local resources, feel free to ask us!

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