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  • ✓ Beautiful, professional profile
  • ✓ Search engine optimization
  • ✓ Zencare member listserv
  • ✓ Zencare blog expert features
  • ✓ Professional photos and video
  • ✓ Vetting by the Zencare team


One-time set up $99
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Onsite photo and videoshoot at your office

+ Script Review

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Photo and vidoshoot, plus video script review

+ Video Coaching

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Photos & video, script review + 30min video coaching

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Frequently Asked Questions

+ How do people find out about Zencare?

The most common way people learn about Zencare is through word of mouth. We offer a beautiful, user-friendly solution to the challenges millennials face when searching for a therapist online. We empower clients to be educated consumers, and the pleasant simplicity of the process inspires them to spread the word. We are also the preferred referral tool for local hospitals, universities, and nonprofit organizations, and use targeted advertising to reach key demographics. We help hundreds of individuals connect with therapists on a monthly basis.

+ How much is your service?

The Zencare membership includes unlimited client referrals, a beautiful webpage, SEO (search engine optimization), professional photography, videography, copywriting, and invitation to our professional community and networking events. It is an annual membership of $49/month paid annually or $54/month paid monthly. There is a one-time set up fee of $99 to cover the upfront services. We also offer a special rate for group practices, which includes a group practice page.

+ Why is there an annual commitment?

In order to maintain the quality of our network and platform, we invest substantial time and effort in finding and getting to know outstanding therapists, as well as providing professional photography, videography, and copywriting. The annual commitment allows us to provide this level of in-depth service, while keeping it affordable for our therapists.

+ I’ve never done any marketing for my practice before. Why should I start now?

Relying on word of mouth for client referrals means you have very little control over who contacts you, and clients show up to your office lacking the confidence that you are the right provider for them-- because they don’t know anything about you!

Clients, especially millennials, increasingly turn to an internet search to find a therapist. Zencare offers the opportunity to be at the forefront of this trend and ensure you continue to receive a steady flow of clients who are right for your practice and are motivated to get better.

+ What do you look for during the onboarding process?

We look for therapists who provide clinically excellent care, are deeply compassionate, and are excited about working with millennial clients. We also look for clinicians who share our passion for increasing access to mental health care by streamlining the therapist search. We want this to be a good fit for both you and Zencare, and are excited to learn about your approach and areas of expertise.

+ What does the Zencare onboarding process involve?

Our onboarding process consists of:

An introductory call to learn about your practice and mutually assess your fit with the Zencare referral network.

A phone interview with the Zencare team to ensure adherence to the latest, evidence-based treatments and dedication to ongoing education and self-improvement.

Watch your online presence come to life as we schedule an on-site photo and videoshoot at your office and craft individually tailored written content. We'll send your profile to you for approval before it goes live, and you can start accepting new clients!

+ How many referrals do therapists get?

Therapists who take insurance receive between 10 - 40 referrals per year, with the exact number varying based on location, specialties, populations treated, availability, and accepted insurances. Therapists who do not accept insurances typically have fewer, but more profitable referrals. Most Zencare referrals turn into long-term clients because clients are empowered to choose the right provider for them; for the majority of Zencare clinicians, the estimated return on investment ranges from $6,000 to $20,000 per year. If you receive only two client referrals and see both for 8 sessions, you will have already doubled your annual investment while seeing clients who are the right fit for your practice.

Because we work with only select, outstanding clinicians, we are dedicated to the success of every member. Read some our happy therapist stories here.

+ I only have 1 or 2 slots open. Why should I pay for advertising?

Having a beautiful, distinct, and modern online presence is crucial to attracting your favorite clients and staying relevant within the therapy space, whether you are accepting new clients or not. Zencare provides the opportunity to stay ahead of the seasonal ebb and flow of client referral and ensure you have a continually engaged client base. Every week that you keep those 1 or 2 slots open costs you hundreds of dollars in session fees; Zencare helps you quickly fill that gap.

+ I’m already on another referral website. Why should I join Zencare too?

Zencare differs from other referral sites in three significant ways:

  1. You'll see more clients who fit your practice: Our clinicians tells us that clients referred through Zencare are a better fit for their practice compared to other referral platforms. Because we take the time to get to know your practice and build a robust, differentiated online presence, clients are able to reach out as educated consumers, allowing you to build longer-term relationships. Attract clients who make your work feel fulfilling and empower them to feel confident in their decision, reducing burnout from “therapist shopping.”

  2. You're joining an exclusive community of outstanding clinicians: While other referral websites are crowded with identical profiles, at Zencare, we limit our platform to vetted therapists only and carefully craft each profile to be distinct and let your individual strengths shine.

  3. You're creating a markedly more beautiful and professional online presence: A Zencare profile includes professional photos and video, and a professional statement written just for you. We reduce phone tag between therapists and prospective clients through our signature phone consultation system, and keep your availability and insurance information up-to-date.

+ Why should I trust a start-up?

Zencare is a two-woman startup that is changing the way clients find therapists and therapists find clients. Our small team means that we can take the time to get to know each of our therapists, adapt to meet your unique needs, and respond quickly to questions. You can contact us at any time and know you are reaching a decision maker who is committed to the success of your practice.

We have thoughtfully designed a platform that solves the challenges therapists face in growing their private practice: no time or technical knowledge to build a website; unsure how to market their unique skills; lost in a sea of profiles that all sound the same; wasting time and energy trying to bring in clients who don't follow through. Our experience, expertise, and skills have helped over 100 therapists build fulfilling practices.

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+ Do I have to have a photoshoot with Zencare or can I supply my own photos and videos?

We ask all therapists to schedule a photo/videoshoot with us, both to ensure we produce high-quality profiles and to deliver consistent user experience.

Our users say that the video is one of the most influential factors when deciding which therapist is the right fit, so it is important that they are produced in a consistent format and standard of quality. We do not accept homemade videos or photos, even if they are shot by a professional photographer, to deliver this uniform user experience.

We know the photoshoot can be nerve-wracking, so we provide plenty of information and prompts on how to prepare ahead of time! The photo/videoshoot is 50min long (they fit in between sessions!), and a member of our team will be present to coach you through the process. We will also ask you to check your photos during the photoshoot so you are fully satisfied with the photos that will be added to your profile.

Here are some sample videos you can view: Example 1, Example 2, Example 3. While these examples vary in length, all our videos going forward are recorded for a max 1min 30sec, which our data has shown is the optimal length.

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions about this -- we understand it is a new and out-of-the-ordinary experience for most clinicians!

+ Have more questions?

Our team is based in Brooklyn, NY and usually responds within a few hours. Email our Therapist Success Manager, Maggie, at for additional questions!


Zencare has been a wonderful source of referrals. Every client I have received has been invested in who they are seeing because they have a choice with Zencare.


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