Introductory Videos for Your Therapy Practice

Our introductory videos help Zencare clinicians stand out and connect with more clients.

But if you're not used to being in front of the camera, we get it – this experience is brand-new for many clinicians! Read on to learn about what to expect, how to prepare, and the benefits of having an introductory video.

What is a Zencare introductory video?

A Zencare video is a short, 90-second introduction to your practice. 

Our team works with you on your script, sends a professional videographer to your office, and highlights your video on our website once your profile launches. 

For reference, watch introductory videos for Nikole Barnes, LICSW, above; Brooke Huminski, LICSW; and Amy Funkenstein, MD.

Do the intro videos really matter?

Zencare founder Yuri Tomikawa at a therapist photoshoot.

Zencare founder Yuri Tomikawa at a therapist photoshoot.

Yes! Zencare videos significantly increase user outreach.

According to a study of Zencare users presented at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), therapist videos had the strongest influence over a user’s confidence that a provider will be a good fit.

Many of our user testimonials also speak to how the video helped clients choose their provider and find a great fit.

How does the video shoot work?

Once you book your photo shoot, we’ll send you more details and information about how to prepare. The email contains tips on what to wear and the questions we’ll prompt you through during the video filming, as well as the option to schedule a call with a member of the team to practice your video script.

Then, one of our photographers will come to your office at the scheduled time and will be there to coach you through the whole journey.

We encourage you to practice, but you also don’t have to memorize your script and nail the whole thing in one take!

Will you help me prepare?

Absolutely! We’ll send you example videos and questions to consider beforehand, and you can schedule a coaching session with a team member to practice your script if you’re nervous.

We know that this isn’t typical for many therapists and want to help you feel as comfortable in front of the camera as possible!