Frequently Asked Questions


+ How do people find out about Zencare?

With 100,000 page views and 1,000 therapist-client connections made each month, users learn about Zencare from a variety of targeted marketing strategies, which include:

  • Online and print advertising
  • Google search rankings
  • Social media, newsletter, and blog
  • Press partnerships
  • Local relationships
  • Partnerships with hospitals, treatment centers, and schools
  • Referral coordinators
  • Speaking engagements at universities, corporations, and community groups

Our support team also assists clients who contact us directly seeking more guidance in their therapist search.

+ Why do clients turn to Zencare?

Clients appreciate that Zencare is:

  • Personal: With professional videos, photos, and a personalized profile, clients can quickly get a feel for your personality and approach.
  • Easy to use: With a limited number of therapists and a beautiful, user-friendly site, clients can easily connect with you, even when they’re in distress.
  • Trustworthy: We have a “quality, not quantity” mindset and are driven by our mission to increase access to mental health care. Every therapist on our site has been quality-vetted by our team, so our users can trust every face they see!

No more phone-tag, no more mismatch, and no more hours lost to poring over hundreds of therapist listings. Zencare makes therapy more approachable for clients from the start.

+ How much is your service?

Zencare members receive:

  • Professional photography and videography
  • Unlimited client referrals
  • A beautiful webpage
  • Search engine optimization
  • Content creation and copywriting a rate of $49 per month! All memberships are annual payments, and there is a one-time set-up fee to cover the cost of creating the profile and help prepare you for the videoshoot.

Learn more about our pricing, including special rates for group practices, on our pricing page!

+ Why is there an annual commitment?

In order to maintain the quality of our network and platform, we invest substantial time and effort in getting to know outstanding therapists, as well as providing professional photography, videography, and copywriting tailored to each individual practice.

The annual commitment allows us to provide this level of in-depth, individualized service, while keeping membership affordable for our therapists.

+ What do you look for during the onboarding process?

We look for therapists who provide clinically excellent care, are deeply compassionate, and share our passion for increasing access to mental health care by streamlining the therapist search.

We want this to be a good fit for both you and Zencare, and are excited to learn about your approach and areas of expertise. Read more on our therapist vetting process.

+ What does the Zencare onboarding process involve?

  1. An introductory chat to get a sense of your practice and mutually assess your fit with the Zencare model.
  2. An onboarding call with a the Zencare team to discuss your approach, training, and treatment modalities. We get to know every clinician before they’re listed on the site in order to ensure a high standard of care and curate your profile to your unique practice.
  3. Profile creation! Our professional photographers will come to you to film the video and take headshots; the rest of our team will work on setting up your profile and supporting you through the process.

Watch your online presence come to life as we schedule a photo and videoshoot and craft individually tailored written content. We'll send your profile to you for approval before it goes live, and you can start accepting new clients!

+ How many referrals do therapists get through Zencare?

Therapists who take at least one insurance average 60 referrals annually, with the exact number varying based on location, specialties, populations treated, availability, and accepted insurances. Therapists who do not accept insurances typically receive fewer, but more profitable referrals. Depending on session fees, out-of-network therapists average 10-15 referrals annually. For the majority of Zencare clinicians, the estimated return on investment ranges from $6,000 to $20,000 per year (calculate your own return here!). If you receive only two client referrals and see both for 8 sessions, you will have already doubled your annual investment while seeing clients who are the right fit for your practice. Because we work with only select, outstanding clinicians, we are dedicated to the success of every member. Read some of our happy therapist stories here!

+ I only have 1 or 2 slots open. Why should I pay for advertising?

One or two open slots costs you hundreds of dollars in session fees every week. If you filled just one slot with a client you saw three times, you’d already see a return on Zencare membership investment.

Plus, having a professional online presence is crucial even when you're completely full. The Zencare support team also updates your availability on a monthly basis, so when you are full, you can turn off the flow of referrals and save the time spent going back and forth with clients just to say you can’t see them.

+ I’m already on another referral website. Why should I join zencare too?

Zencare differs from other referral sites in three significant ways:

  1. You'll see more clients who fit your practice: Our clinicians tells us that clients referred through Zencare are a better fit for their practice compared to other referral platforms. Because we take the time to get to know your practice – and build a robust, differentiated online presence – clients are able to reach out as educated consumers, allowing you to build longer-term relationships. As you attract clients who make your work feel fulfilling, you'll also be empowering them to feel confident in their decision, reducing burnout from “therapist shopping.”

  2. You're joining an exclusive community of outstanding clinicians: Other referral websites are crowded with identical profiles. At Zencare, we limit our platform to vetted therapists only, and carefully craft each profile to be distinct and let individual strengths shine.

  3. You're creating a markedly more beautiful and professional online presence: Each Zencare profile includes professional photos and an introductory video, as well as a professional statement written just for you. We reduce phone tag between therapists and prospective clients through our signature phone consultation system, and keep your availability and insurance information up-to-date.

+ Do I have to have a photoshoot with Zencare or can I supply my own photos and videos?

We ask all therapists to schedule a photo/videoshoot with us, both to ensure we produce high-quality profiles and to deliver consistent user experience.

Our users say that the video is one of the most influential factors when deciding which therapist is the right fit, so it is important that they are produced in a consistent format and standard of quality. To deliver this uniform user experience, we are not able to accept homemade videos or photos, even if they are shot by a professional photographer.

We know the photoshoot can be nerve-wracking, so we provide plenty of information and prompts on how to prepare ahead of time! The photo/videoshoot is 50-min long (fits perfectly in-between sessions!), and a member of our team will be present to coach you through the process. We will also ask you to check your photos during the photoshoot so you are fully satisfied with the images that will be added to your profile.

Here are some sample videos you can view: Example 1, Example 2, Example 3. While these examples vary in length, all our videos going forward are recorded for a maximum of 1 minute and 30 seconds – which our data has shown is the optimal length.

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions about this process – we understand it is a new and out-of-the-ordinary experience for most clinicians!

+ Have more questions?

Our local team usually responds within a few hours. Email our Therapist Success Manager, Maggie, at for additional questions!

Schedule a free initial call to learn more.